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Our features

  • Express Account Placement

    Once you have placed an account with us, our first demand letter is automatically mailed out. We start working new accounts immediately.

  • Specialized Collections

    Our collections department recovers past-due balances from medical offices to timeshare dues, HOA assessment fees, laboratories, and specialty shops.

  • Account Payments
    We adapt to any platform a client already has. As well as provide easy payment options for consumers to make payments. Consumers may pay online through our portal, with a representative over the phone or mail in a payment.
  • Judgment Enforcement
    Consumer judgments are handled by our judgment enforcement division.
  • Client Services
    What sets us apart is that we have personal relationships with the office manager, the president, the owner. We make sure we give them a customized experience to fit their needs. Making this a win-win situation.
  • Online Payment
    Our consumers have the ability to make a payment online at their convenience. There is also the opportunity to submit a request for further assistance to seek account resolution.
  • Complaint Resolution
    We pride ourselves to provide solutions for any issues our consumers or clients may have. Our team is here to assist you in any way we can. Please let us know how we can provide the best service.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting

    Ensuring FDCPA regulations, we report correct data to major credit bureaus in a timely matter.

Office Hours


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