Consumer Collections

Are you owed money from customers who are refusing to pay? Are your phone calls, letter and emails going unanswered? Your business wants the money you’re owed from the customers, but you don’t want your customers to hate you. So what’s the best way to collect on past due accounts without offending your customers? Hire Specialized Collections Bureau a consumer collection agency that respects your customers and helps eliminate your cash flow woes.

Once an account is placed in our system, we locate and contact the consumer to help negotiate a resolution for their outstanding balance. We understand there are several different situations why a balance is left outstanding, and we are here to help. However, if the consumer refuses to pay or requires a more aggressive approach, we provide legal services to resolve the account amicably.

We provide numerous tools to reach out to consumers. In certain cases, we approve payment plans or settlements on claims. Some of our tools are:

  • Demand Letters
  • Credit Bureau Reporting 
  • Skip-tracing
  • Online payment portal
  • Client/Consumer/Agent negotiation
  • Legal filing and investigation

Put your unpaid business and consumer accounts, and your confidence, with Specialized Collections Bureau's team of professional collection specialists. Specialized Collections Bureau handles consumer collections with respect and dignity. Your business can improve its cash flow and your debt recovery rate without angering your customers. You want your customers to keep coming back, but you still need them to pay on time to keep your business running.

Hiring a consumer collection agency such as Specialized Collections Bureau can speed up the clock on overdue payments and improve compliance. Even uncooperative consumers are more willing to work with a consumer collection agency because they understand that their credit history may be affected or legal action could be employed. If you have any questions about Specialized Collections Bureau's  process, our recovery rates, or consumer collections in general, please fill out the form above or give us a call at 619-281-3200.


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