HOA Collections

It’s not easy to deal with delinquent homeowners association dues. While every HOA board hopes the residents in their community will pay their HOA fees on time, you cannot always guarantee it. In extreme situations, the board may need to call on a HOA debt collection agency for HOA delinquency cases. HOA collection services can be very helpful if the board is unable to deal with unpaid Homeowner Association dues themselves. If you want the best results possible, then choose an HOA collection agency such as Specialized Collections Bureau.

HOA debt collection can be a hassle, and personally contacting property holders can sour relationships fast. During these times more than ever, the relationships within our communities are deeply valuable. That's why we work to make sure debtors are treated with dignity. Our HOA debt specialists work with past due HOA Members to negotiate swift and amicable payment solutions. 

For many homeowners associations, collecting HOA dues can be a tough task, especially when there are too many delinquent residents. Thankfully, you can make HOA collections a breeze by working with Specialized Collections Bureau. Our team of HOA Collection professionals will work with your HOA (Home Owners Association) board and the HOA members to bring the home owners past due accounts current. 

There are numerous reasons a home owner may fail to pay their Home Owners Association (HOA) dues.  Specialized Collections Bureau has the ability to get to the root of the problem and find the right solution to collecting the past due HOA fees.  If a homeowner fails to pay the delinquent HOA dues, the outstanding HOA claim takes precedence over any mortgages or liens encumbering the property.  The consequences of leaving the HOA dues unpaid include the potential for foreclosure, the past due HOA dues needs to be taken very seriously.  Your Home Owners Association Board needs a HOA collection agency that is experienced in handling HOA collections including the foreclosure process if needed.  Specialized Collections Bureau helps many HOAs and their home owner association members stay current with their HOA dues, and Specialized Collections Bureau can do the same for your Home Owners Association.

We provide numerous tools to reach out to consumers. In certain cases, we approve payment plans or settlements on claims. Some of our tools are:

  • HOA Demand Letters
  • Credit Bureau Reporting 
  • Skip-tracing
  • HOA Online payment portal
  • Client/Consumer/Agent negotiation
  • Legal filing and investigation services

Specialized Collections Bureau's HOA collection team is always professional, approaching the HOA collections process with respect and understanding. Specialized Collections Bureau is careful not to damage the relationship between an HOA and the HOA members.


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