Team Resources

Specialized Collections Bureau is a team of qualified and knowledgeable professionals that are ready to maximize your debt recovery. We partner with your business to develop a win-win situation for both parties. We are fully equipped with the right resources to take our collection efforts to the full extent of the law. Anything ranging from low 30-days past-due balances to court ordered judgments, is handled professionally and according to HIPAA and FDCPA regulations.

The nature of the resources that are implemented at SCB, allows us to expand the revenue recovery operation while forming a business partnership with our clients. We thrive to demonstrate how our movement is quite different from our competitors; we offer online bill pay, bilingual collectors, legal investigations, judgment enforcement, transparent reporting, and most importantly a relationship with our clients to assure debtors they are dealing with a legitimate team.

We are successful when our clients are satisfied. There are no upfront fees when you place an account with us. If we do not recover money on your behalf, we do not charge any fees.


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