Medical Collections, Medical Bill Collection

Maintaining cash flow is essential for every medical and healthcare practice to continue to providing high quality patient care. Busy medical practices, healthcare facilities and hospitals don’t always have the properly trained professional medical collections staff, time, or the resources to devote to a full time person for medical bill collections. This is why leading hospitals, medical practices, Dental clinics, and Chiropractors trust a medical bill collection agency such as Specialized Collections Bureau in working their past due medical bill accounts. 

Medical and Healthcare collections are very complex. Collecting on past due medical and healthcare bills is very different from any other industry because there are numerous payers (insurance companies) with multiple medical service contracts. Because of this factor, reimbursement becomes very challenging in collecting on these past due medical bills. To further complicate the process, employers are constantly changing healthcare plans and shifting more responsibility to their works, your patient.

Once a medical collections account is placed with Specialized Collections Bureau's medical bill collection agency system, we locate and contact the responsible party to help negotiate a resolution for their outstanding medical bills. Specialized Collections Bureau understands there are several different situations why medical bills are left unpaid or with a past due balance. Specialized Collections Bureau is here to help with your past due medical and healthcare bills. However, if the medical / healthcare patient refuses to pay the past due medical bills, the responsible party may require a more aggressive approach. Specialized Collections Bureau provides expanded legal services to resolve these past due medical collections accounts amicably.

Our cutting-edge approach and professionally trained staff of experienced medical collection agents, combined with our patient-first approach, reduces the costs and maximizes the revenue of the medical practice, all while delivering a positive payment experience for you patient.

Everybody needs quality medical care at some point in their life time. Sometimes when they are traveling far from home they need urgent medical care. When medical treatment isn’t paid for up front, medical and healthcare providers may have difficulty recovering the costs of providing excellent medical care to their patients.

Specialized Collections Bureau provides numerous tools to reach out to medical consumers. In certain cases, we approve payment plans or settlements on past due medical collection claims. Some of our tools are:

  • Demand Letters
  • Credit Bureau Reporting 
  • Skip-tracing
  • Online payment portal
  • Client/Consumer/Agent negotiation
  • Legal filing and investigation

The logistics of collecting on past due medical bills can be daunting. If you are dealing with language barriers and time zone differences, these factors can make pursuing past due medical bill payments impractical for medical offices, hospitals and their staff in attempting first party collections.

Medical bills are often sudden and unexpected, hitting people at low points in their lives. Aggressive, impersonal collections tactics can alienate your patients and complicate recovery efforts. 

At Specialized Collections Bureau, we believe a compassionate approach yields better results and your patients will agree! 

Specialized Collections Bureau's team members treat every person with the dignity and respect they deserve. As a medical debt collection agency, Specialized Collections Bureau looks to build a relationship of trust with your patients, making it more likely that these patients will pay their past due medical bills when they have the means. Specialized Collections Bureau's team of skilled medical bill collectors understand the complex medical billing processes of medical clinics and hospitals. 

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