Collection Services


It’s not easy to deal with delinquent homeowners association dues. While every HOA board hopes the residents in their community will pay their HOA fees on time, you cannot always guarantee it. In extreme situations, the board may need to call on a HOA debt collection agency for HOA delinquency cases. HOA collection services can be very helpful if the board is unable to deal with unpaid Homeowner Association dues themselves. If you want the best results possible, then choose an HOA collection agency such as Specialized Collections Bureau.


Winning a collection or debt lawsuit results in getting a judgment against the debtor.  But that alone does not guaranty you get paid by the debtor.  It is simply a court ruling that says the debtor owes the money to a business, HOA, healthcare organization or some other entity.  Now you have to collect on that debt. If a judgment is entered against you, a debt collector will have stronger tools in collecting the debt, like wage garnishment, to collect the past due debt.


Maintaining cash flow is essential for every medical and healthcare practice to continue to providing high quality patient care. Busy medical practices, healthcare facilities and hospitals don’t always have the properly trained professional medical collections staff, time, or the resources to devote to a full time person for medical bill collections. This is why leading hospitals, medical practices, Dental clinics, and Chiropractors trust a medical bill collection agency such as Specialized Collections Bureau in working their past due medical bill accounts.


Are you owed money from customers who are refusing to pay? Are your phone calls, letter and emails going unanswered? Your business wants the money you’re owed from the customers, but you don’t want your customers to hate you. So what’s the best way to collect on past due accounts without offending your customers? Hire Specialized Collections Bureau a consumer collection agency that respects your customers and helps eliminate your cash flow woes.


 Specialized Collections Bureau's litigation department has worked with California courts and consumers and will act on your behalf. We can locate lost customers who owe you money when required. In cases where customers have breached your set payment terms we will provide diligent billing and follow-up within days of late payment via demand letters and collection calls. 


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